99.9% of the causes for login trouble are due to mistyping of the login information or some of the issues below.  More than likely, you will find the solution below without having to contact us. 

1. Login information is CASE SENSITIVE.  Make sure you type your username and password exactly as it was sent to you.  CAPITAL and lower case letters MUST be observed or the system will block you.  (i.e., If your password is EvYzL, you must type  the E, Y and L in capital letter or the system will block you.  You must type it exactly as it is. 

2. Do not click on the SUBSCRIBE (see below) to log in.  The link is to SUBSCRIBE, not to SIGN IN

Type your information accordingly (username and password - observing login is case sensitive), press your ENTER key or the GREEN CHECK MARK (see below). 

3.  If you type your login details and, all of a sudden, the characters disappear, that means that your browser is not enabled to accept cookies.  You must enable cookies.  Here's what you need to do.  This issue seems to be more prevalent with newer versions of Internet Explorer (and Windows 7).  Go to Internet Explorer; go to Tools; go to Internet Options; go to Privacy.  Within the Privacy link you will need to move the bar from "Block All Cookies" to anything below that.  Once you do that, exit out of your browser and try again.  You should be able to log in now.  You may also clock on the Advanced link within Privacy.  Here is a link with more instruction: CLICK HERE.

4.  If you have continuously mistyped your login information and then noticed you were doing so, your browser may have saved the incorrect information, thus not allowing you to type the correct information.  You MUST delete your browser cookies, exit your browser and then return to the members section.  This is a browser issue, not our system.

If you have observed the instructions above and your subscription is active, you will successfully log in.

5. The last issue is with members whose subscription has expired or you have canceled your subscription.  Per our terms and conditions, If you cancel a discounted self-renewing subscription, you will be blocked, regardless of how much time you have left.  If your intention is to be "in control" and not engage into an automatically renewing subscription, then you must choose the non-renewing subscription at $32.  The self-renewing subscription is discounted and active as long as you do not cancel.

6. If you changed your e-mail with PayPal the system will block you since communication between PayPal and our system (which has your previous e-mail address) will cease.  If your PayPal primary e-mail address has changed, send us an e-mail. Click on the following link to access our SUPPORT e-mail: http://www.sanitasradio.com/contactmember/index.php

7. If you canceled your subscription prematurely and would like to reinstate it, you have two options.  You can re-subscribe at the $23.97 rate and we will refund you for the unused portion of your last payment, or you can send a $8 payment in order for your account to be reinstated.)  Go to our main page and you will see the PayPal DONATE button. 

It may take up to 24-48 hours before your account is reinstated, as this requires manual involvement.  You will receive an e-mail once your account has been reinstated. 

Passwords are sent by PayPal immediately after you sign up.  If you do not receive your login information immediately, make sure you check in your spam/junk folder first.  Your ISP may also be blocking us.

If you have tried all the solutions above and still cannot log in, the click below to contact us:

Contact us